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Refresher Course BAPA & SKA – 27/01/2018

Refresher Course BAPA & SKA 2018


Pharmacokinetics and pharmacology of drugs in children

Saskia De Wildt

Intravenous induction and total intravenous anaesthesia

Hugo Vereecke

Anesthesia for ENT procedures inchildren

Lonneke Staals

Why everything you learned about inhaled agents is wrong

Jan Hendrickx

Anaesthetic considerations in paediatric laparoscopic surgeries

Natalia Magasich

Pediatric ventilation updates including one-lung ventilation

Francis Veyckemans

Awareness in Paediatric Anesthesia

Emmanuel Noel


Pijnsymposia 21/10 & 16/12

Pijnsymposia 2017

‘Omgevingsfactoren’ van belang bij goed pijnbeleid

Björn Stessel & Johan Berghmans


Pijn bij zuigelingen

Karel Allegaert


Reductie van pijn bij vaccinaties

Marc Raes


Prosa (Procedurele Sedatie en Analgesie) team

Koen Vanhonsebrouck


Chronische pijn vanuit het standpunt van de pijntherapeut


Tom de Leeuw


Psychologie van het kind bij acute en chronische pijn

Liesbet Goubert

Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 BAPA

BAPA Annual Meeting Namen 2017

Preoperative assesment in day care surgery

Mickaël Leclercq


Nil per os guidelines and crush induction

Francis Veyckemans


Tonsillectomien still a challenge?

Emmanuel Gérard


Locoregional anesthesia for day-case surgery

Thierry Pirotte


Discharge criteria

Natalia Magasich


Pain after surgery, the importance of environmental factors

Johan Berghmans


Case discussions:

– Need for IV in minor procedures ( Birgit Loveniers)

– Asthma ( Steven Cnudde)

– Congenital cardiac disease ( Françoise De Groote)

– Ex-premature ( Julie Lauweryns)

Refresher Course 2017 BAPA in collaboration with SKA

BAPA SKA Refresher Course 2017

Postoperative pain management in and out of hopsital

Nadia Najafi


Complex pain management / chronic pain

Maarten Mensink


Anaesthesia outside the operating room

Roger Froklage


Newborn Life Support – Neonatal emergencies

Michael Brackhahn


Difficult Vascular Access

Thierry Pirotte


Jurgen de Graaff

Newborn Life Support – Neonatal emergencies

Jos Bruinenberg


Emergencies in children

Cristel Sanchez

Joint Meeting BAPA, BePPA & BELAPS 2016

Annual Joint Meeting BAPA, BePPA & BELAPS 1


Consensus on the use of a scale

Frédéric Lebrun



Nadia Najafi



Dominique Bulckaert & Josette Fontaine


Perioperative anesthesia techniques and surgery

Thierry Pirotte & Beelke D’hondt


Postoperative pain in the hospital

Caroline Prégardien & Sophie Vanderheyden


Postoperative pain at home

Muriel De Vel & Sara Debulpaep


Free paper: The effectiveness of a preoperative interactive game SERES CliniPup to decrease the perioperative anxiety and pain leverls in children

The effectiveness of a preoperative interactive game SERES CliniPup to decrease the perioperative anxiety and pain leverls in children

June Van Aalst


Free paper: Children’s (mal)adaptive pain behaviours in context: a functional-cognitive perspective

Children s (mal) adaptive pain behaviours in context a functional-cognitiveperspective

Melanie Beeckman


Free paper: Topical anaesthetic solutions for pain free suture of lacerations in the Emergency Room

Abstract Topical anaesthetic solutions for pain

Topical anaesthetic solutions for pain

Sylvie Martus




Free Paper: The effect of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions on pain during endotracheal suction in ventilated neonates. A Systematic Review.

Sofie Pirlotte


The last few papers that could change my approach to pain in children

André Mulder



Karel Allegaert


Chronic pain – Pathophysiology

Guy Hans


Chronic Pain Therapeutic plan

Christine Fonteyne



Refresher Course 2016 BAPA in collaboration with SKA

BAPA & SKA Refresher Course 2016


Annual Scientific Meeting 2015


Coagulation tests in children

Katrien Devreese

Coagulation tests in children

Congenital coagulation disorder in children

Cédric Hermans

Congenital coagulation disorder in children

Thrombosis and thromboprophylaxis in children

Julie Lauweryns

Thrombosis and thromboprophylaxis in children

The pediatric neurosurgical patient

Marie-Agnes Docquier

The pediatric neurosurgical patient

Child with trauma / raised ICP

Françoise De Groote Child with trauma / raised ICP

Neurotoxicity: what do we telle the parents?

Jurgen de Graaff Neurotoxicity: what do we tell the parents?

Respiratory complications in children

Petronella Vermeulen Respiratory complications in children

Fluid management in children

Nadia Najafi

Fluid management in children


Geertrui Dewinter

PONV in children 1

Refresher Course 2015


Atopic child

Martine Docx

The Atopic Child

Child with asthma

Marijke Proesmans

astma BAPA

Child with inhaled foreign body

Natalia Magasich

Inhaled foreign body

Common procedures in children

Emmanuel Noël

common procedures

Emergencies in children

Thierry Pirotte

Emergencies in Children

Annual Scientific Meeting 2014


NIRS monitoring for paediatric anaesthesia: where are we?

Annelies Moerman


Invasive and non-invasive hemodynamics monitoring

Layth Al Tmimi


B-fast in Tacloban 2013: Surgery in a disaster area

Koenraad Schwagten


Locoregional analgesia

Thierry Pirotte


Fire disaster and anesthesia for burned children

Serge Jennes


Acute to chronic pain

Tom De Leeuw


Triage in case of disaster

Ignace Demeyer


Refresher course 2014


Resuscitation of the child

Thomas Crijnen


Management of children and adolescents with diabetes requiring surgery

Sylvie Tenoutasse


Inotropes and vasopressors in paediatric patients

Nadia Najafi


The obese child

Julie Lauweryns


The child with a rare disease

Francis Veyckemans